LTL Freight Shipping

Ship Your LTL Freight with Confidence

Cost-effective, efficient, and painless—that's how shipping LTL freight should be. we strive to exceed your expectations at every step in the shipping process.

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Sophisticated technology drives savings

The AuptiX technology platform uses complex algorithms and cutting-edge logistics automation to source and route your LTL freight.

This allows us to increase your savings and reduce your risk of damage by 15% compared to other shipping companies. 


Prices don't depend on volume

Because we believe you should always get the best rate available, you receive our discounted LTL shipping rates regardless of how much or often you ship LTL freight.

By combining the purchasing power of 1000s of SMBs, we can pass on discounts that are typically only available to large companies. 

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No contracts. No obligations.

Calling multiple 3PL brokers for rate quotes is time-consuming and expensive. But committing to a contract isn't an option either.

With AuptiX you won't need to shop for the best rate - you'll get it each and every time without signing a contract .

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