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AuptiX pools LTL into multi-stop full truckload giving you premium service at a low cost.

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The AuptiX Difference

Lowest Prices. Exceptional Service. Superior Technology.

At AuptiX, we believe in exceeding expectations. We believe in transparent, fair pricing (regardless of the size of your business). We believe that damage and loss should be the exception, not the rule. And most importantly, we believe that the shipment of your products should be the least of your business’ worries.

This is why we built the AuptiX freight shipping technology platform.

Using sophisticated algorithms, cutting edge logistics, and the purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses across the country, we are able to offer shippers the lowest prices on LTL shipping regardless of volume.

“Usually, the low prices come with a sacrifice in service, but AuptiX has actually been the most responsive freight company I have ever worked with.”

- Liquid Logic

“Our experience with AuptiX has been nothing but smooth. The website is very easy to use - I can get a quote and book a shipment in minutes through their web portal.”

- Hayden Shapes

“We have found that even with multiple 3PL, LTL, and TMS logins, AuptiX nearly always beats their rates by great margins and they use top quality carriers.”

- Greenshield Organic

For Shippers

As a premier LTL freight broker, AuptiX is dedicated to making LTL freight shipping for your business as cost-effective, efficient, and painless as possible.

When you choose AuptiX, you receive instant LTL freight quotes with competitive LTL freight rates regardless of volume or company size. There are no contracts and no obligations – just dedicated customer service to ensure that your LTL freight gets where it needs to go efficiently and without damage.

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For Carriers & Drivers

We are always looking for hard-working and reliable freight carriers and drivers to join our Preferred Partner Network! Our dedicated Carrier Support team actively works to grow your business by finding you the freight you want on the lanes you need.

Just fill out this quick form and our support team will match your schedule with open LTL freight shipments in your area – so you can hit the road and get paid quickly. It really is that simple.

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AuptiX Real-Time Pooling

AuptiX pools LTL into multi-stop full truckload giving you a premium LTL service at a low shipment cost. How do we do it? We combine (or pool) multiple LTL shipments that are routed on the same lane to a specific geographic area. These pools are loaded in real-time and shipped full truckload avoiding any terminals or hubs. With our unique pooling freight option, your shipments never see the inside of a warehouse and are never unloaded until they reach their final destination. This hubless model makes freight shipping faster, cheaper, and allows us to reduce the risk of damage and loss dramatically. When you choose AuptiX, you’ll receive premium full truckload service at an LTL price. Call us for a quote on a shipment today!

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