AuptiX Pooling – The Safest Way to Ship LTL Freight

AuptiX pools LTL into multi-stop full truckload in real-time giving you premium service at a low cost.

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What is Real-time Freight Pooling?

Real-time freight pooling is a shipment method that combines (or pools) multiple LTL shipments that are routed on the same lane to a specific geographic area. These pools are loaded in real-time and shipped full truckload avoiding any terminals or hubs.

AuptiX Fast Freight Trucking

We do things different at AuptiX with our freight pool services. Our unique model avoids any terminals or hubs so your pooled shipments never see the inside of a warehouse and are never unloaded until they reach the final destination.

AuptiX strives to get LTL freight off the traditional hub and spoke shipping network. The traditional terminal network slows down freight by dropping it off and picking it up at several hubs in route to the final destination. Not only is this expensive, but it significantly increases the chance that freight could be damaged or even lost.

The AuptiX Difference

We move LTL freight with algorithms instead of warehouses. We take LTL out of the terminals and hub network so that your shipment:

  • Never sees the inside of a terminal
  • Never is unloaded until it reaches its final destination
  • Always gets there faster
  • Is less expensive

21.2% reduced risk of damage over traditional LTL shippers

Auptix Offers Premium Full Truckload Service At LTL Prices

We combine (pool) your freight with one or more additional freights in route to the final destination. This allows us to give you premium full truckload service at cheap LTL rates.

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Low Rates and a Seamless Experience on LTL and Partial Shipments