A Different Kind of Freight Shipping Company

AuptiX is a business-to-business freight shipping company with one lofty goal:
we want to fundamentally change the less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping industry for
small and medium-sized businesses across North America.

But modernizing the $40 billion LTL freight industry is no easy task. Shipping logistics companies, freight carriers, 3PLs,and brokers have done business the same way for decades.

Unfortunately, this has left small and medium-sized businesses to fend for themselves
in an industry steeped with low expectations, while large companies
benefit from discounts, flexibility, and more.

It’s time for a change within the industry with better freight services and LTL freight rates.

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Reimagining the Shipment Experience

At AuptiX, we believe that customers should expect more, costs should be transparent, pricing shouldn’t depend on how big your company is, and damage and loss shouldn’t be the norm during the delivery of freight.

The AuptiX technology platform sets out to change this. Built with sophisticated algorithms and never-before-seen logistics automation, we’re able to raise the bar to significantly drive savings and reduce the risk of damage, unlike other freight companies.

The Auptix Difference

Unlike most LTL freight shipping companies, the AuptiX platform gives shippers the lowest prices on LTL shipping regardless of volume. By combining the purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, we can provide our customers with discounts that are usually only available to large companies.

Our platform has the best freight transportation system as it also sources and routes your LTL freight differently than other logistics transportation companies in the industry. This helps us reduce the risk of damage to goods as it reaches its destination compared to other freight logistics companies.

As we get bigger, we’ll only get better. Our purchasing power will keep growing, our prices will keep dropping, and we’ll reduce damage risk to a freight rate never seen before in the LTL industry.

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