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What is LTL Freight?

LTL is a shipping method that stands for “less than truckload”. This method takes multiple shipments and combines them to create a full truckload.

How To Ship LTL Freight?

LTL shipping has become one of the most popular methods of shipping goods at a lower price without sacrificing quality and care.

How To Calculate LTL Freight Rates?

There are many different factors that can determine LTL freight rates. Some factors include location, freight type, and shipping mode.

How to Determine Freight Class: A Comprehensive Guide

Similar to freight rates, there are several factors that determine your freight class. For example, the weight & dimensions of your shipment or the liability.

What are LTL Freight Weight & Size Limitations?

There are in fact weight and size limitations for LTL freight shipping. Usually, these limitations are unique to each carrier, but there are some basic guidelines for LTL shipments.


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