Product Feature: LTL Freight Tracking

The LTL freight tracking feature is a part of the AuptiX App - our self service web portal used for quoting and ordering LTL freight shipments. Through the App, you can track all your active LTL shipments from the time your order is placed to the time it is delivered.


Tracking Screenshot_02.png

LTL Freight Tracking

To track your shipment:

  1. Log into the AuptiX app and find the shipment you want to track in your Quote History.
  2. Click on the Tracking tab just to the right of the Order Details tab.
  3. Follow your shipment from the time you confirmed your order to its delivery at its final destination.

Tracking glossary:

  • Estimated Delivery: Estimated delivery of your shipment based on scheduled pick up date and distance to final destination. This is not a guaranteed delivery date, just the best estimate based on standard transit time.
  • Ordered: You confirmed your order and agreed AuptiX will move your shipment.
  • Dispatched: A Carrier agreed to move your shipment and dispatched a truck to your pick up location.
  • Picked up: Your shipment was successfully picked up from the designated pick up location.
  • In Transit: Indicating the zip code of the last known location, you can see the progress of your shipment from pick up to destination location.
  • Out for Delivery: Your shipment is out for delivery and will be delivered that day.
  • Delivered: The carrier reached its final destination with your shipment and was successfully unloaded.