The First Premium Service in the Freight Industry

AuptiX Guaranteed Hubless is a premium service offering that allows customers to opt into a load to ride service with a guaranteed delivery date. When you choose Guaranteed Hubless, you have the option of three guaranteed delivery dates, and your shipment will likely be combined in real time with other shipments on the same truck for a Hubless transit experience.

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Benefits of Shipping Guaranteed Hubless

Pickup and Delivery Guarantees

No Terminals, No Interlining

Weekend and Holiday Transit Days

Virtually No Risk of Damage

No Surprise Accessorial LTL Fees

Higher Insurance Coverage Included

No Freight Class

How to Book a Shipment Guaranteed Hubless:

  1. Enter the details of your LTL or Partial freight shipment in the AuptiX online portal system

  2. Instantly receive your fulfillment options including those for Guaranteed Hubless

  3. Navigate to the “Guaranteed Hubless” tab and choose between the 3 options listed

  4. AuptiX will move your shipment via Hubless transit to arrive on the guaranteed delivery date you selected

What does it mean to ship Hubless?

We combine your freight in real time with other freight moving along the same route. This means your shipment is only loaded onto one truck, and will never see the inside of a terminal or warehouse. This significantly decreases transit time and virtually eliminates all risk of damage!

When you ship Guaranteed Hubless, your shipment will be combined onto one truck for a Hubless transit experience.


Low Rates and a Seamless Experience on LTL and Partial Shipments