Guaranteed Hubless Benefits

Guaranteed Pickup and Guaranteed Delivery

No Damage, No Loss, and No Theft

Reliable Full Truckload Service

No Risk with Money Back Guarantee

Weekend and Holiday Transit

No Surprise LTL Accessorial Fees

No Terminals and No Interlining

Up to $100k Insurance Coverage Included

How it Works

AuptiX Guaranteed Hubless provides these benefits by moving your shipments via reliable full truckload service. Our unique freight pooling and optimization technology combines LTL freight shipments from several customers into a multi-stop truckload route.

Shipping with AuptiX is easy:

1. Enter your shipment details in the AuptiX app

2. Instantly receive multiple quotes

3. Choose “Guaranteed Hubless” and confirm your order

What does it mean to ship Hubless?

Your shipment…

moves via reliable FTL service,

safely travels on a single truck (avoids all hubs),

quickly gets to its destination,

and has virtually no risk of damage. 

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