New Jersey Freight Shipping

New Jersey Freight Shipping

AuptiX has simplified and modernized freight shipping from New Jersey, allowing you to efficiently send goods at affordable shipping rates. AuptiX has updated the less than truckload freight shipping experience to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, giving you all the convenient tools and personnel you need for peace of mind. Learn about LTL freight shipping and how AuptiX can help you below.

What is LTL Freight Shipping?

Where many larger businesses can ship their goods through full truckload services, smaller businesses often don’t have the inventory to fill a truck to capacity. Instead of paying for an entire trailer that is not filled to capacity, less than truckload shipping allows shippers to transport a smaller amount of goods. LTL carriers pool several shippers together, allowing them to meet capacity for their trailers instead of sending out half-empty trucks.

LTL freight caters primarily to small- to medium-sized businesses. It is ideal for anyone shipping goods that are larger than parcel shipments (over 150 pounds) but smaller than full trailer shipments (less than 15,000 pounds).

Unlike full truckload shipping, LTL works through a hub and spoke model. Local terminals act as spokes that connect to distribution centers that are hubs. Trucks load freight at local terminals and transport it to distribution centers, where the freight is either delivered or consolidated with other shipments to continue on its journey.

Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping

LTL carriers offer a wider range of services and shipping options, including:

  • Expedited shipping for faster delivery times
  • Liftgates to help load and unload freight weighing more than 100 pounds when the location does not have a dock for the truck
  • Inside pick up and delivery for when the carrier must enter the building to load or unload freight

Most LTL freight companies in NJ also offer tracking and notifications, allowing for updates on where your shipment is in the process.

AuptiX offers a new solution for LTL shipping that improves on existing infrastructure. We use cutting edge technology for optimizing sourcing and routing, and we have partnered with thousands of top carriers in the business to ensure quality shipping services.

AuptiX combines the buying power of multiple businesses and passes the savings on to you, allowing for the most affordable shipping rates on the market. If you have questions about New Jersey shipping services or want to get a free freight quote, please contact us today.

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