Affordable & Efficient Domestic Freight Services

Good news: We ship everywhere in the continental U.S! So, if your business has a shipment, we can help! Below are just a few of the many regions we operate in.


Whether California is your origin or destination location, AuptiX can help ensure your LTL freight gets from Point A to Point B safely, affordably, and efficiently.

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The Lone Star State is at the cross-section of some of the largest domestic shipping corridors in the U.S. Discover how AuptiX can get your freight to or from Texas cost-efficiently and damage-free using sophisticated freight shipping technology.

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New Jersey

Many of the United States’ major freight corridors pass through New Jersey. Learn why AuptiX is your go-to shipping partner when shipping to and from New Jersey.

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Shipping your LTL freight to, from, or through Philadelphia has never been easier! Discover how AuptiX makes the LTL shipping experience simple, painless, and cost-effective unlike other shipping companies for our customers.

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