How it works:

Ship with us 5 times in a month to earn a Reward

Log in to the app and get a quote for your shipment

Click Ship with Reward to redeem your upgrade to AuptiX Direct

Have questions?

Does a Reward cover the entire cost of an upgrade to AuptiX Direct?

It might. Rewards have a value of up to $50, so if an upgrade to AuptiX Direct costs less than $50, then your upgrade is on us. If an upgrade to AuptiX Direct is more than $50, then your Reward will knock $50 off the price of an upgrade.

Why upgrade to AuptiX Direct?

AuptiX Direct is our premium freight service. With AuptiX Direct, your order is shipped using full truckload service at LTL prices. This means there is zero risk of damage, your freight moves faster, and your pickup/delivery dates are guaranteed. If your order is not loaded or unloaded on the requested dates, your shipment is on us.

We want to Reward your valued business by making it easier for you to experience the magic.

Do Rewards expire?

Yes. Rewards expire 30 days after the date they are earned. Use ’em or lose ’em!

How often can I earn Rewards?

You earn a Reward for every 5th shipment you order during a calendar month.

Order 5 shipments in a month? Earn 1 Reward. Order 50? Earn 10 Rewards.

What if AuptiX Direct is the only option available?

You can still apply your Reward, which is valued using the difference of AuptiX Direct and the market rate of a Standard LTL shipment.

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On August 7th, AuptiX will be rebranding with a new name, fresher look, and new website URL.

Don’t worry, we will redirect you to the new site, so be sure to check back with us on August 7th for the big reveal!