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It's time for a Change.

AuptiX is a feisty tech startup with one huge goal. We want to fundamentally change the LTL shipping industry for small and medium-sized businesses across North America.

But modernizing the $40 billion LTL freight industry is no easy task. Shipping companies, carriers, 3PLs, and brokers have done business the same way for decades.

Unfortunately, this legacy has left customers to fend for themselves in an industry steeped with low expectations.


Reimagining the shipping experience. 

Customers should expect more. Costs should be transparent. Pricing shouldn’t depend on how big your company is. Damage and loss shouldn’t be the norm.

That’s why we developed the AuptiX technology platform. Built with complex algorithms and cutting-edge logistics automation, we’re able to raise the bar to significantly drive savings and reduce risk of damage. 


Unlike most freight shipping companies, the AuptiX platform gives shippers the lowest prices on LTL shipping regardless of volume. By combining the purchasing power of 1000s of small and medium-sized businesses, we can pass on discounts that are usually available to only large companies.

Our platform also sources and routes your LTL freight differently than anyone else in the industry. This helps us reduce your risk of damage compared to other shipping companies.

As we get bigger, we’ll only get better. Our purchasing power will keep going up. Our prices will keep dropping. And we'll reduce damage risk to rates never seen before by the LTL industry.

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